The Power of Scale

The Nordseecluster is a joint venture between RWE and Northland Power. It combines four wind farm sites in the eastern part of the German North Sea into a 1.6 GW project. The combination of those four wind sites opens up unique economies of scale – making the whole of Nordseecluster more than the sum of its parts and by this setting new standards for the future of green energy.

The Project

All four sites are located in the BSH Cluster N-3 (formerly known as Cluster 3, DolWin 6), approximately 50 km north of the island of Juist. This area in the German Bight is dedicated to offshore wind. Our project is in the most southerly row of offshore projects within the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) and is bordered to the north and south by the main shipping traffic separation routes.



The close proximity of the offshore sites gave RWE and Northland Power the opportunity to develop one of the largest offshore wind farms in Germany – The Nordseecluster.


The total capacity of the cluster will be 1.56 GW. This leads to a total annual power production of 6.400.000 MWh/a. This is enough to supply 1.600.000 average households with renewable energy.


A minimum of 104 offshore wind turbines are planned to be installed north of the island of Juist. Each of the innovative, state of the art turbines will have a minimum capacity of 15 megawatts (MW).

Meeting-joint-venture-between-RWE-Northland Power


The Nordseecluster is a joint venture between RWE and Northland Power, with RWE holding 51% of the shares. Both parties are aiming to develop, construct and operate the Nordseecluster as one offshore windfarm. They worked together on the Nordsee One (N1) project, which has been operating since 2017.